The Scarves

When children in Pendros go to High School, they receive a long scarf, colorful, beautiful, hand-pieced and quilted by your friends and family. To you, it recalls their love and your duty; to others, it’s a powerful symbol of your family and community.

Your family and friends help make your scarf. It’s an honor and a point of pride to make a scarf. If your scarf is poor, it reflects badly on your family. There’s a traditional party where everybody in your extended community who can and will comes to your parents’ house and puts a stitch in your scarf. At the end of the party, everyone lays their hands upon the scarf. The scarf has pasterns which reflect your life, and the wonderful, fantastical worlds everyone can think of that they can imagine you in.

Write what colors and patterns are in your character’s scarf. Most characters’ scarves start out worth 1d10 for excellence.

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The Scarves

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