When a magic-user uses a Spellcasting Form, they do so by casting spells drawn from their spell List. A magic-user must know and learn the spells he wants to cast; details on how this is done is given in the various Spellcasting form descriptions.

To learn and cast a spell of a certain level, the magic user must have a Spellcasting Form die according to the following chart:

d4 0 and 1st
d6 2nd and 3rd
d8 4th and 5th
d10 6th and 7th
d12 8th and 9th

To cast a spell, the caster must roll against a special Magic Pool. This magic pool is assembled as such:

1. Take the Doom Pool (or the Doom Pool minimum die if it isn’t that strong yet)
2. Change all of the die in the pool to that of the spell level that the person desires to cast, if the spell level die is higher.
3. Add one more die if the caster is using the first spell level of the given die level, add two if it is the second level listed.

If the caster succeeds, the spell is cast, and they gain the condition: Spellcasting Fatigue. Additionally, if the caster gets a critical success (succeeding by 5 or more), the do not gain Spellcasting Fatigue.

If the caster does not succeed, the spell is not cast, and they gain damage as dictated by their Spellcasting Form. Additionally, if the caster gets a critical failure (failing by 5 or more), the do gain Spellcasting Fatigue, as if the spell had been cast.

Caster Level:
When in doubt, use the following chart to determine caster level:

Die Score in Spellcasting Form Caster Level
d4 4th
d6 8th
d8 12th
d10 16th
d12 20th

Spellcasting Forms:

Mastery of The Force
Ki magic
Monster Trainer
Pact Magic
Spell Fetching (Magic of the Sha’ir)
The Sublime Way


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