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Masteries represent a character’s ability to have uncanny and impossible control over a particular part of creation. This control allows them to not only have a sense and incredible knowledge of that which they are masters of, it also allows them, with some practice, to move it, shape it, summon it and dismiss it.

Masteries are divided into four categories:
Physical Masteries are masteries which grants the master control over physical aspects of creation. These are, in many cases, quite specific, and sometimes they can be quite broad in scope.
Example: Fire Mastery

Abstract Masteries are masteries which grant the master control over philisophical and metaphysical aspects of creation; in other words, it allows them to control things that some might not consider to exist anywhere outside of the sentient psyche. In many ways, they exist only because sentient beings choose to recognize them. As such, the master can control how people preceive and think about that which they have mastery over.
Example: Love Mastery

Mixed Masteries These are masteries that encompass both an abstract and physical aspect of reality. A mixed mastery is, in essence, an Abstract mastery that can be given a true physical manifestation, giving the user control over both the physical and mental aspects of their mastery.
Example: Wealth Mastery

Supernatural Masteries These are masteries of forces that exist in strange, unnatural, or impossible states. Some classify supernatural masteries as magic, yet they encompass many forms beyond what most think of when they think of magic. It should be noted that some Supernatural Masteries are not called a Mastery in their title.
Example: Wizardry

A Purview is the way that masteries group the ‘things’ that the mastery is said to control, based on a common theme. A single ‘thing’ within a Purview is called a Phenomenon.

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Mastery Powers

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