Doctor Stephen Strange

Earth's Sorcerer Supreme and First line of defense against otherworldly invasion


As instructor:
Strange teaches his students how to contact beings outside of conventional reality for temporary power, and how to call upon pure magic without relying upon standard rote spells. As both are incredibly dangerous spellcasting methods, he only takes on those Spellcasting students who are both pure of heart and not plagued by earthly desires.

In addition, Strange teaches the defensive magic of Abjuration to all who wish to learn it.

Origin Story:
Once one of the world’s leading neurosurgeons, Stephen was egotistical and greedy, caring only for money and fame. After a car accident stole the delicate control of his hands needed to perform his career, he wandered the Earth searching for a way to fix his hands. His journey ended when he confronts a powerful Guru, known as the Ancient One, hidden deep in the Himalayan mountains. While he initially rejects the old man’s offer to teach him the mystical arts instead of healing his hands, Strange thwarts a plan to kill the Ancient One, who is revealed to be Earth’s Sorcerer Supreme and defender of the Earthly plane from otherwordly invasion. The Ancient One then taught Strange the sorcerous arts, and passed on the title of Sorcerer Supreme.


Doctor Stephen Strange

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