Dazmund the Dragonhearted

Dazmund was once an adventurer, but found that his world had been controlled as a Time Warden experiment to see if Timelines could really be maintained without disrupting the Time Stream.


Dazmund found, through his travels, that his world had been a radical attempt to preserve an aberrant timeline through the effort of the Time Wardens. Long had he wondered why his world been brought low so many times, or that it’s past was almost all but unknown to the residents, even those who lived long lives. He had also found in his travels that his society didn’t function naturally, with markets and towns having their prices, wares, and governments controlled abnormally. Most disturbing of all, however, was that he had discovered that the Wardens had regretted their hasty decision, and now wished to abandon his world and destroy it.

When the Time Thieves came to his realm in an attempt to save it, Dazmund took their side. The conflict was ultimately a failure, and despite the thieves’ best efforts, millions of lives were lost.

Afterwards, Dazmund worked as starship pilot in a variety of worlds.

As instructor:
Dazmund happily teaches students all about piloting and basic repairs and jury-rigging, as well as star map navigation.


Dazmund the Dragonhearted

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